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If you would create an dream band, which persons would be in it?

[I]‘d have a monkey on bass, a panda on drums, an octopus on accordion, a wolf on vocals. they’d all have human qualities though, the wolf for example would be gay but does not come out until the 3rd record for which they take a giant step in a more balearic pop direction. this is where the octopus puts the accordion back in the latin pop tradition.

How do you typically go about when writing and composing your songs?

I wake up early. From the night before I have carefully folded four clean towels and hung them on a chair. I feed the birds from my window. On my desk there is a bowl of red apples, I take one bite, then put it back waiting until the bite turns brown. I spin on my chair, a dirty thought passes through my head but I let it be. As a young magpie lands on my window sill I slowly wipe my sweaty forehead with one of the towels.

Then I lie down for a few hours. When I wake up it is late and I buy the evening paper, carefully reading every word. I open my window and throw breadcrumbles to the young magpie. Occasionally I throw small rocks at him with the message “Life is hard” written in tiny red letters. Then I have supper and I go to bed.

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Stem smerig stem Clittenunie! (sort-of NSFW)


Een heleboel Mohammeds (vrede zij met hen)


Fuck tabulatuur: YouTube bewijst zich ook als maak-indruk-op-meisjes-en-vrienden-medium voor domme gitaristen als jij en ik.


Schijnbaar was Modest Mouse afgelopen weekend niet in Amsterdam omdat Isaac Brock een fles tegen z’n kanis had gekregen.


Luister eerst dit (mp3 1 2 en vooral 3) en lees dan pas dit.


-…Police Club
-…Ska Paradise Orchestra
-…Sex Destruction
-Birds of…

Ik bedenk me net dat je je band kan noemen hoe je wil als er maar “Tokyo” in de naam zit.

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Zanger van Arcade Fire steelt iemands basketbal. O nee toch niet! Weblogdrama! UPDATE: Louter dode links. U heeft een (beperkt) stukje humor gemist.


While I was waiting for the SUV to take me back to my car, I got waylaid by one of the producers of MTV’s PIMP MY RIDE. You know what a pimp is, right? He’s a dude who tricks, frightens, or flat-out bullies a woman to fuck other men for money, which she then gives to him. Just wanted to clear that up. ‘Cuz there’s a show called PIMP MY RIDE. Maybe they can do another show called RAPE MY CRIB.